lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016


Daily from to April to October Daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays from November to March Departures: 9:00 hrs. Avila is one of the oldest cities in Spain, surrounded by very well preserved medieval walls from the XI century, resembles rather an immense castle, and it is the best sample of a fortified city. The old quarters hold an important number of Romanesque Churches, Gothic Palaces and its XII century Cathedral, the first Gothic one built in Spain, is also fortified. The city is the birth place of Ste. Therese, source of the Spanish Catholic mysticism. Visit the outskirts of the Cathedral, the Romanesque Basilica of San Vicente, Mayor Square and a brief walk through its old streets to see the Convent of Ste. Therese. The city of Segovia is rich in historical monuments. Old Roman city, still preserves the magnificent Roman Aqueduct from the time of Emperor Augustus. The elegant Cathedral, and its Alcazar fortress, the most spectacular castle in Spain, are the most representative. Both towns, Avila and Segovia, are "Heritage of Mankind cities". Approx. duration of the tour 8 hours. Use of comfortable shoes is recommended.
Tourist Lunch: White beans of La Granja, Segovian style Stew veal and dessert. Vegetarian lunch available.
Gourmet Lunch: White beans of La Granja, Roasted suckling pig, Segovian cake with ice cream, wine, mineral water and coffee.

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